Need a Group Hotel booking of 10 or more hotel rooms for the same dates? Save time and let us do the work for you. Ask for a quote today! 

We can negotiate special group rates at most hotels when you book 10 or more rooms for the same dates.  
Here's why you should let us do the work: 
Group Travel is all we do! 
Save your own time to be doing your own work. 
We are affiliated with one of the largest travel groups in the World. 
We have access to special rates at thousands of hotels worldwide. 
When making a Group Hotel booking of 10 or more rooms, we can often negotiate special group rates. 
We aim to reply with a qoute within 1 business day (subject to response times from hotels). 
Get a free consultation today! 
You can reach us by phone, email or by completing the form below. 
Please email: 
Prefer to talk? Then please call us on: 
020 7434 7429 


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